Interactive language learning solution

Personalized learning with pre-assessment testing, custom study plans. Gain the confidence you need to hold a conversation, ask questions, and interact in everyday situations 

AI Generated Video

Enhanced contrast for better visual learning

Video Convestaon

Learn from native speakers

Simulated conversations

At the end of each lesson you will put your newly learned vocabulary to work by interaction with one o our on scree characters. You can practice your responses and get hints on what you can respond.

3 reasons why are interactive conversations with on screen characters so effective.

Most language learners have difficulty starting a conversation with a native speaker. 

Talking speed is usually a big barrier to understanding. 

Our carteras peak in a calm slow paced manner 

At the end of each simulation you will master the basics of communicating in a particular situation 


What students are Saying

Here are some reviews from our early addopters 

"My wife and I are trying to learn French fast and this program is making that happen. It is done in an interesting and fun way that keeps your attention. It does not waste a lot of time boring you with details, but gets into conversations fast."
Ricardo Owens
"The program makes you fly through the language and makes it a breeze to learn German. It covers everything from basics to advanced materials. The AI voice recognition is GREAT! It really gives you a good idea of what you sound like and how it compares to native speakers. For the price it’s a good buy, you won’t be disappointed!"
Makes it a breeze to learn Spanish
"I’ve always had a problem learning Spanish from a book. For one, I had no clue as to how most of the words were pronounced. With this item, you see the word and hear it spoken. The coolest part is you can record yourself saying the words, and it will play it back for you and grade you on how native you sounded."
Have fun learning for a change
"I have a friend who speaks 7 languages fluently – he’s a professional Bible translator. He recommended this, saying he even has his family use the whole Learn to Speak series to learn new languages, instead of teaching them the basics himself."

A friend recommended this


Life is short, start teaching yourself a new language today

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