The most important thing in pronunciation is your ears!

Each language has a particular set of sounds that your ear learn to distinguish as spoken language.

Learning how to pronounce a new sound involves training your ear to hear the difference between the new sound and the closest sound you know.

Pronunciation Practice Portal

In our pronunciation section you can practice hearing and replicating all the specific sounds for any of the available languages:

Pronounciation practice portal

Click on the links in the table to practice your pronunciation

Spanish ABC’sFrench ABC’sGerman ABC’s
VowelsFrench VowelsGerman Vowels
Vowels CombinationsVowels CombinationsVowels Combinations
ConsonantsFrench ConsonantsGerman Consonants
Consonant CombinationsConsonant CombinationsConsonant Combinations
Lipy Language pronunciation practice table.

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