đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș Interactive German courses

Listen to native speakers use German to talk about daily topics. Each course has three short conversations to build listening skills, learn new vocabulary and master common verbs.

Topics include food, clothes, colors, household vocabulary, time, prepositions, the natural world, school supplies and more.

Comprehensive Courses

Intermediate I:

This course consists of 9 chapters and will teach you the following communication skills:

  • how to pronounce German words and phrases
  • how to greet and address people appropriately
  • how to ask and answer simple questions 
  • how to form positive and negative statements in the present
Ch. 1: Arriving changing money
Ch. 3: Arriving at the Hotel
Ch. 4: In the Hotel (SIM)
Ch. 6: Finding Transportation
Ch. 8: Making an Appointment
Ch. 9: Going by Taxi

Intermediate II:

This course consists of 10 chapters and will teach you the following
communication skills, you will learn:

  • how to talk about family
  • how to complain about illness
  • how to express time and dates
  • how to express yourself in the past and in the future
  • how to express likes and dislikes
Greetings & Introductions
At the Pharmacy
At the Doctor's Office
At the Cleaner's
At the Real Estate Agent
At the Bank
Planning a Trip (SIM)
At the Travel Agent (SIM)
At the Gift Shop (SIM)


This course consists of 11 chapters and will teach you the following
communication skills:
You will learn:

  • how to obtain goods and services in everyday situations
  • how to express conjecture, opinions, and emotions
  • how to express plans for the future
Family & Friends
At the Beauty Parlor
During Intermission
Dining Out
At the Gas Station
In the Supermarket
At Sunday Coffee (SIM)
Buying Clothes
At the Airport


Basic courses: